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After years of working in higher education, an educator searched for ways to inspire students while satisfying her own creative energy. She took her passion for vibrant colors, worldly design, and motivational quotes to create, by-hand, inspirational cards that were unique unto themselves.   She gave these cards to students she mentored in order to convey heart-felt messages of hope, confidence, and empowerment. As continued interest in these creations grew, Connie felt that she could truly make a difference not only to her students but also to others sharing her interests. A partnership formed among those with similar goals led to the creation of Social Allies, a philanthropy-driven business to create inspiration-filled momentum. 

We provide gifts that keep on giving back to the community by allowing a portion of the proceeds from each purchase to be donated towards one of four causes of your choice:      

1) Mentoring Research
    By selecting this project, you are supporting efforts to conduct research on mentoring at-risk student populations in schools and colleges. This research can assist programs responding to needs that are unique to these individuals.

2) School Supplies
     By selecting this project, you are supporting the shipment of much needed school supplies to a low-income elementary school in a developing country. Supplies include pencils, pens, notebook paper, etc.

3) Cultural Exploration
     By selecting this project, you are supporting low-income college students to expand their cultural competency by visiting museums, performances, and art centers.

4) Book Scholarships
     By selecting this project, you are contributing to book scholarships that support first-generation (first in their families to attend college) and low-income college students who struggle to obtain much needed material to be successful in classes.


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